Colorado Sheriff Rejects Training Certificate From Guns for Everyone

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LARIMER COUNTY, CO-( Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith has decided to stop accepting training certificates from “Guns for Everyone” for concealed handgun permits within the county.

Guns for Everyone offers free concealed carry classes to the general public of Colorado. They have trained thousands of citizens on safe gun handling practices and laws surrounding concealed carry In the Centennial State. The free classes have not endeared them to other local concealed handgun instructors. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Guns for Everyone moved the majority of their course online.

The Sheriff made a post on Facebook, accusing the organization of failing to comply with the statutory requirements of Colorado. The Sheriff states that the online portion of the class was only 30 minutes long, and at the in-person part of the course that the instructor just handed out the certificates to the students.

The Sheriff Department claims that they were acting on a tip and investigated the class themselves. A source inside the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department informed AmmoLand that the tip originated from a rival instructor. The Sheriff’s Department would not verify the information given to AmmoLand.

After speaking to multiple instructors in the area and questioning others familiar with the investigation, it appears that the claim that a rival instructor did contact the Sheriff’s Department about Guns for Everyone’s class is accurate. AmmoLand is working to verify the exact source of the complaint.

AmmoLand looked into the claim that the online portion of the classes was only 30 minutes long. It appears that the Sheriff’s Department is wrong. The classes AmmoLand viewed ran between one hour 40 minutes and one hour 45 minutes. The Sheriff’s Department did not return AmmoLand’s request for information on how they came up with the 30-minute time frame.

According to Guns for Everyone, the in-person portion of the class lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. The instructor will review gun safety, do an overview of Colorado gun laws, and answer any questions the students may have about the class before presenting a certificate. We could not independently confirm the time it takes to complete the in-person part of the course but did speak with prior students that did back up the organization’s claims.

Even if the class were exactly the way as the Sheriff described it in the post, it still would be within the state law for a concealed handgun permit. Colorado doesn’t specify any length of course required. The state also doesn’t include any required curriculum. The law does require an in-person component to the class but doesn’t specify what has to happen at the in-person part of the course.

Isaac Chase of Guns for Everyone thinks Sheriff Justin Smith is being hypocritical. The Sheriff preaches against government overreach but is making up his own standards that exceed the rules of the state. He appears to be enforcing his own law.

“The Sheriff in this county is overstepping his authority, and the citizens who cannot get their permits are the ones who end up suffering for it,” Chase said. “It’s clearly an abuse of their power, and these are supposedly freedom-loving Conservatives.”

The Sheriff might be breaking the law by selectively targeting Guns for Everyone. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith does accept 100% online hunter safety courses for the requirement. The Sherriff’s Department also has blacklisted Guns for Everyone instructor Edgar Antillon by naming him on the agency’s official website.

“This is a perfect example of why we began to provide CCW classes for free,” Antillon said “To protest government overreach. And now we have a sheriff who is deciding his citizen cannot defend themselves, based on his feelings, which is a violation of the law.”

Guns for Everyone are exploring their legal options. Neither Sheriff Justin Smith nor the Department has responded to AmmoLand’s request for comment.

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