Ditch Single-Use Plastics. Try These Reusable Water Bottles

The world figured out how to make a good insulated water bottle a long time ago. It’s rare for me to find one that just sucks at keeping cold drinks cold or warm drinks warm, and it’s equally rare for me to find one that does either for significantly longer than the others. What sets reusable water bottles apart these days are their forms and features: better lids, tougher finishes, and small design flourishes. Some are just nicer to use, easier to sip from, and more ergonomic to hold. Others will fare better on the trail, dangling from a pack.

No matter where or when you’re using one, a reusable bottle is a good idea to cut single-use plastics out of your life. (The same goes for non-insulated water bottles too, whose main function is not to leak.) I tested a variety of reusable bottles from numerous brands—below are the ones I like (and ones I didn’t).

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