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Texas Star DX350

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Texas Star DX350

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Description: When most people discuss amplifiers the main topics that come up are output power and amperage draw. Most radio enthusiasts are looking to run the largest amp possible with the least amount of amperage draw. Now right away I'll tell you that if you are looking for something that delivers a lot of bang with low amperage pull than this is not the amplifier for you.

A somewhat more rare amplifier discussion will be heard between operators who mainly use SSB. They will talk about how "clean" their amplified signal is when it comes out of the amplifier. Most CBer's on AM don't really care if their signal sounds distorted or scratchy, they just want to be loud. On SSB if you run a overmodulated or distorted station often people in DX land will have trouble clarifying you in, or will overlook making contact with you because of the way you sound. And that's one of the reasons the Texas Star line of amplifiers is a favorite of people who run SSB.

Texas Star Amplifiers are claimed to be AB biased which would make them a good choice for SSB operation. Now I've read some discussions online that technically the Texas Star amplifiers are not a true "AB" biased amplifiers but for the purposes of this review we will call them a AB biased amplifier in comparison to how other "Export" amplifier are rated for biasing.

The Texas Star 350DX uses two Toshiba 2879's transistors which are rated for 100 watts PEP each at 12.7 Volts.


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