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  1. DX -PJ4/DL1COP PJ4/DC7MO Bonaire Island. From
  2. DX -5W0H Upolu Island Samoa. From
  3. DX -IH9YMC Pantelleria Island. From
  4. DX -9J2LA Zambia. From
  5. DX -8Q7GB Nika Island Maldives. From
  6. DX -GM7V Benbecula Island. From
  7. DX -5W7A Upolu Island Samoa. From
  8. DX -ZK3A Tokelau Islands. From
  9. DX -ZK3A Tokelau Islands. From
  10. DX -Introduction to DX News. From
  11. DX -CY0C Sable Island. From
  12. DX -CY9C Saint Paul Island. From
  13. DX -3D2AZ Viti Levu Island Fiji. From
  14. DX -T88PB Koror Island Palau. From
  15. DX -D44TWO Santiago Island Cape Verde Cabo Verde. From
  16. DX -XT2AW Burkina Faso. From
  17. DX -9X2AW Rwanda. From
  18. DX -T30GC Tarawa Island Western Kiribati. From
  19. DX -T88IH T88FT T88TA Koror Island Palau. From
  20. DX -GM7V Benbecula Island RSGB IOTA Contest 2017. From
  21. DX -E31A Eritrea. From
  22. DX -J88PI Palm Island Saint Vincent and Grenadines. From
  23. DX -D68CCC Comoro Islands. From
  24. DX -9G5GS Ghana. From
  25. DX -Contesting on All Bands From 1,8 MHz to 1,3 GHz in OL3Z Style. From
  26. DX -FW5JG FW/G0VJG Wallis Island. From
  27. DX -SW8WW Thassos Island. From
  28. DX -V31AK Belize. From
  29. DX -V31AK Belize. From
  30. DX -FK/IK2YDJ New Caledonia. From
  31. DX -ZD7W Saint Helena Island. From
  32. DX -JW/EA3NT JW/OJ0Y Svalbard. From
  33. DX -DXCC Most Wanted 2019. From
  34. DX -TM5FI Ratonneau Island. From
  35. DX -HH6/N3BNA HH6/K3MSB Haiti. From
  36. DX -PJ4G Bonaire Island. From
  37. DX -KL7RRC/P Sledge Island Alaska. From
  38. DX -T88RR T88MK T88FM Koror Island Palau. From
  39. DX -5W0VR Samoa. From
  40. DX -V6K Kosrae Island. From
  41. DX -FO/W6NV Tahiti Island French Polynesia. From
  42. DX -P4/DK6SP Aruba Island. From
  43. DX -7P8GOZ Lesotho. From
  44. DX -S79HA Praslin Island Seychelles. From
  45. DX -KH7M Hawaiian Islands. From
  46. DX -SV9/OH1VR Crete Island. From
  47. DX -8Q7NH Embudu Island Maldive Islands. From
  48. DX -9K2HN Kuwait. From
  49. DX -XV9DXB Vietnam. From
  50. DX -J79U J79TA Dominica Island. From

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