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JX0X Team planning to be active from Jan Mayen Island, IOTA EU – 022, September – October 2021.
Team – LA7GIA, RM2D, RA9USU, R4BE.
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Information from Ken, LA7GIA received from Bernie, W3UR, Daily DX.

We would like to announce the Jan Mayen 2021 low band trip with the callsign JX0X.

For about 14 months we have been planning a trip to Jan Mayen, which has a high ranking on the lowbands (#20+) as well on CW and Digi mode.

Going to Jan Mayen has proved to be a difficult task. Finally we have all permissions needed from the Military and the Norwegian authorities for an international team to enter Jan Mayen on a 2 week DXpedition in late September 2021.

The JX0X team members are;
Mats RM2D
Dominik R4BE (DL5EBE)

This is an all band, all mode DXpedition. But we will focus on lowbands 160-30 using CW and Digi mode. We will also do other bands like 60, 20 and possible 17m depending on conditions, and we will be on SSB.

We have been given the best QTH to work NA and Japan with beach access and our antenna farm close to salt water. Our low band verticals combined with 1 kW amplifiers and 4 stations up and running shall give you the best possibility in many years to work that much needed low band slot. In fact it will be 21 years since the last 160m QSO from Jan Mayen according to Clublog.

Going to Jan Mayen in Sep/Oct is not an easy task and the budget for this trip is currently in the range of 90k USD. To do this trip we depend on support from clubs & foundations, corporate and individuals.

We will provide a webpage with more info soon.

On behalf of the JX0X team

JX0X Jan Mayen IslandJan Mayen Island. Author – Harold Moses.

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JX0X Jan Mayen. Sunrise 06-24-2020 at GMT sunset at GMT

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