Video – VK0IR – Heard Island – 30 July 2020

Video Heard Island VK0IR 1997
By KK6EK, Dr. Bob Schmieder

As you know, Cordell Expeditions carried out an expedition to Heard Island in Jan/Feb 1997, using the callsign VK0IR. Recently I discovered about 6 hours of video that I had shot during the expedition, but which had never been seen (not even by me!). I divided the collection into six parts, which I have posted to Youtube:
Information about VK0EK DX Pedition

Amateur Ham Radio Video VK0EK

Video VK0EK Hear Island Part 1 Preparation

Video VK0EK Heard Island Part 2 Outbound

Video VK0IR Hear Island Part 3 Landing/Setup

Video VK0IR Heard Island Part 4 Operations

Video VK0EK Heard Island Part 5 Environment

Video VK0EK Heard Island Part 6 Departure

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