The Most Complete Amateur Radio Social Network is Here! Amateur Radio Resource and Community is the first of its kind Amateur Radio Social Media Platform. At you can share your thoughts, write blog posts, participate in forums, share your favorite music and images, earn badges and much more!

Meet New People all over the World

Amateur Radio is a social platform by itself connecting people all over the world. helps facilitate and promotes friendship, cultural exchanges and puts Amateur Radio in the forefront.

Find People with Your Same Interests

Besides Amateur Radio a vast majority of us also enjoy other activities such as Motorcycling, Gaming, Hiking and Camping, shooting. Here you can deviate outside of your typical amateur radio discussions and activities to share your interests with other folks that may have the same hobbies and activities. Amateur Radio SOCIAL NETWORK!

Community Reviews

Here are some great reviews from some of our community members.

Maddy Brinker

Amazing Community

I love this site. I am mostly into computers and technology some of which applies to the Amateur Radio community and all the people have been great, I am glad I found this cool site.

Maddy Brinker
fresno, CA
David Vale

This is the Best Social Network ever!

I have known N6AQ for years and he has pushed me to get my license. 2020 is the year for me to get my ticket. Great job on this site I hope you turn into the Facebook of Ham Radio.

David Vale
Long Island, NY
Elizabeth Chagrin

My father would love this site!

My father was a Ham his entire life and I love the idea and philosophy behind this site. My father always promoted goodwill even when it was hard to do.

Elizabeth Chagrin
Myrtle Beach , SC

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