About N6AQ

Hello and thank you for wanting to know more about me. I enjoy Low Band HF activities, I think one of my favorite spots is in the 80 meter DX window at 3.795. I have several awards including WAC for 80 meters and several others that show a accumulation of my activity over the last 25 years. What they don’t show is the never feigning excitement of getting that new one or catching the one you work every morning with the same enthusiasm as the first time.

Politics, could care less, it is all a scam real freedoms will never be realized when you have individuals feeding off the productivity of others. It’s become obvious that people don’t want freedoms, what they want is control over other peoples freedoms, in turn losing their own to obsession.

Religion, no thank you. Religion is too influenced and manipulated by man, I certainly have nothing against followers of a designated religious concept and beliefs if you find comfort in that controlling box, although I believe that you fail to realize your true potential by following any doctrine of control and manipulation.

Spirituality, absolutely I believe and encourage spirituality. We have been gifted amazing capabilities but are too dumbed down by what we are told we need, how we should think, how we should feel, how to act, what is normal and what is not. Some of this I believe is deliberate like fluoride in our drinking water that causes calcification our pineal gland, don’t believe me do the research, do you really think its for our teeth? Get out of your societal imposed boxes and see what your life is supposed to be. One of the most influential people in my spiritual approach is Gregg Braden the host of Missing links on GAIA. If you have the courage to watch his show it will change your life and perspective for the better. https://www.gaia.com/series/missing-links

Another big influence in my approach to life is Dr. Steven Greer with his CE-5 project, if you find comfort in the way things are, do yourself a favor and disregard him. If you want to seek the truth both of these amazing men and their information is a great place to start your journey.

Knowing your true capabilities makes you a bigger threat to controlling governments than any weapon you could conceive.

I have 3 sons and my oldest just obtained his ham license, in addition to completing his BA and very demanding job in the Armed Forces. I am very proud of him and hope he gets as much out of this life long hobby as I have. My other two son’s are in universities and both are also looking to serve our country and humanity with commissions in the United States Military. They are all three amazing and good people in their own rights, it makes me proud to have influenced and contributed to their success now and successes too come. It is the job of every parent to support, guide and discipline their children to be successful in life regardless of their chosen profession.

Losing perspective, I am guilty of this also on occasion but try to promote unity on the airwaves when I can. I hear a tremendous amount of trash talking, deliberate interference and just behavior not becoming of humans or hams. I think the factor of anonymity and lack of consequences drives people to to act the way they do at times on ham radio. I often ponder on peoples behavior and wonder if the amount of psychological medication being pushed on Americans is causing this? Or, are they just lacking the maturity to see it for what it is and just can’t get themselves to spin the dial or turn off the radio.

Negative emotions actually effect the response of your DNA causing it to tighten and not be as responsive to your immune system or mental and physical health, good emotions have the exact opposite effect. Everyone has their own journey, Sahdguru teaches there only being two types of people in the world, there is no good or bad but only miserable or happy people, its your choice.

Thanks for your interest in me and I hope to catch you on the airwaves, the invisible FIELD that ties and binds us all to one another.